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No one is born with a perfect smile. Sometimes a little bit of cosmetic work is needed to give you a perfectly white smile. When you want that Hollywood smile you can turn to our trusted professionals for simple procedures that will transform your look!

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Composite fillings, also known as white fillings or tooth-colored fillings, can be an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional silver fillings. Designed to match the color of your existing teeth, composite fillings will look and feel like a natural addition to your smile. Dr. Van Dyke can complete your white filling in one convenient visit to Van Dyke Family Dentist, during which they will:

Complete Your Smile With Tooth Colored Fillings

Get the Bright Smile You've Always Wanted

  • Remove the damaged section of the tooth

  • Clean the remaining healthy tooth

  • Place the composite filling

  • Shape and polish the tooth-colored filling

White fillings can restore minor areas of damage in decay in a truly aesthetic way. In some cases, we can replace failing silver (amalgam) fillings with composite fillings so that you have a more beautiful, natural-looking, and healthy smile. To learn more about any of the benefits of composite fillings and cosmetic dentistry, we invite you to call or visit our office in Woodland today.

Cap Your Damaged Tooth With a Custom Dental Crown

Cosmetic dental crowns are often made of porcelain and can be used to restore beauty and function to imperfect teeth. A dental crown is designed to completely enclose or “cap” an imperfect tooth for both protection and aesthetics. When in place, your custom dental crown can be used to:

  • Enhance the aesthetics of your smile

  • Restore a fractured or uneven tooth

  • Repair a tooth with decay

  • Protect a tooth that has had root canal therapy

  • Complete a dental implant

Completed in two simple appointments, our custom crowns will look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. You may not even be able to tell the difference between your crown and your existing teeth! If you would like more information on the benefits of dental crowns and cosmetic dentistry, please call Van Dyke Family Dentist. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Dental implants are an extremely effective option for replacing one or more missing teeth. Because they are designed to replace both the crowns and roots of missing teeth, dental implants provide an additional level of security and stability to your smile. Implants are titanium man-made screws or roots that a dentist, oral surgeon, or periodontist inserts into the jawbone. Over the course of several months, the implant and bone begin to fuse together to create a strong and sturdy foundation for the dental implant restoration or replacement teeth. Your implant restoration could be a:

Maintain Strong Teeth With Dental Implants

  • Complete denture

  • Crown

  • Bridge

  • Partial denture

Once complete, a dental implant will restore the strength, healthy, function, and beauty of your smile. Implant dentistry is truly changing the face of dentistry. If you are missing teeth and would like to be part of this amazing new advancement in dentistry, contact Van Dyke Family Dentist today to schedule an implant consultation. Dr. Van Dyke and his dental team will be happy to help you restore your smile with dental implants!

Brighten Your Smile With Affordable Teeth Whitening Services

You can achieve a brighter and more beautiful smile with professional teeth bleaching (whitening). Professional whitening offers an affordable and effective option for rejuvenating your smile and overall appearance. Dr. Van Dyke may recommend professional teeth whitening to reduce the appearance of stains and discolorations from:

  • Tobacco use

  • Natural aging

  • Medication

  • Fluorosis

  • Food and drink

There are many types of whitening available; a professional whitening tray system or in-office whitening system from the dentist is always the most effective and safest option. For more information on how professional whitening can quickly, effectively, and affordably enhance your smile, please call or visit Van Dyke Family Dentist today.